Session 1-Bones

Bones are the most condensed energy in our body.They are like diamonds and are the fist things to develop in the womb. Bones store the deep story of our lives, vibrating with our life-force. What stories do yours hold? The skeleton is essential to our physical manifestation. It provides structure for our organs and muscles. Hurray for bones!

Session 2- Soft Tissue

Soft tissue provides shape and form to our frame such muscles,flesh,fat,organs and skin. Muscles give us the ability to move freely in our world. They help us to energise and realise our thoughts. Closely connected to our nervous they can twist and tighten when we feel tense, or remain soft and comfortable when we feel relaxed. How do yours feel today?

Session 3- Fluids

Fluids are essential to life. Blood,tears,saliva and lubricating fluids abound within our bodies.Blood circulates fresh oxygen whilst simultaneously removing toxins and debris.Secretions nourish and cleanse us, tears too offer a release as well as an eye-wash. If we are fluid, we enjoy a free flowing existence. All our bodily parts function smoothly and we feel healthy. What if we become dry and brittle?

Session 4- Totally Connected

Visualising our bodymind matrix working in unity will remind us that paying attention to our needs on a daily basis will strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually. Our bodies talk to us via symbols and sensations;pain and comfort are assessed by the brain and given texture and emotion. What actual power do we have over our brain and body? Is there something else we can rely on,



How can hypnotherapy help you?

  •  deal with an irrational fear or phobia such as fear of flying, or fear of spiders.

  •  re-evaluate your beliefs and attain your true potential.

  • build confidence to perform better in all areas of life

  • learn to eat a healthy diet and keep motivated on your target weight

  • quit smoking and enjoy a smoke free life

  • find freedom from anxiety and depression

Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can help you do these things successfully- along with plenty of motivation and a deep commitment to change.

 Saturday appointments available at Seaford Osteopathic Clinic, Warwick Road, BN25 1RS

                                                 For more details call or text me on 07963 914560




How does hypnosis work?

The hypnotic trance is a natural state that we slip in and out of everyday. It can happen whilst we are really focused on something important, like watching our favourite TV programme or reading an interesting book. Used therapeutically, it allows the unconscious mind time to examine old or undesirable beliefs and  visualise changing them into more positive ones. Hypnosis is safe and extremely relaxing when delivered by a professional. And remember, despite what you might have seen or heard in the media, YOU will remain completely in control at all times.





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