Session 1-Bones

Bones are the most condensed energy in our body.They are like diamonds and are the fist things to develop in the womb. Bones store the deep story of our lives, vibrating with our life-force. What stories do yours hold? The skeleton is essential to our physical manifestation. It provides structure for our organs and muscles. Hurray for bones!

Session 2- Soft Tissue

Soft tissue provides shape and form to our frame such muscles,flesh,fat,organs and skin. Muscles give us the ability to move freely in our world. They help us to energise and realise our thoughts. Closely connected to our nervous they can twist and tighten when we feel tense, or remain soft and comfortable when we feel relaxed. How do yours feel today?

Session 3- Fluids

Fluids are essential to life. Blood,tears,saliva and lubricating fluids abound within our bodies.Blood circulates fresh oxygen whilst simultaneously removing toxins and debris.Secretions nourish and cleanse us, tears too offer a release as well as an eye-wash. If we are fluid, we enjoy a free flowing existence. All our bodily parts function smoothly and we feel healthy. What if we become dry and brittle?

Session 4- Totally Connected

Visualising our bodymind matrix working in unity will remind us that paying attention to our needs on a daily basis will strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually. Our bodies talk to us via symbols and sensations;pain and comfort are assessed by the brain and given texture and emotion. What actual power do we have over our brain and body? Is there something else we can rely on,

Stop Smoking

Hi Jacqueline I just thought I'd text and let you know that I have continued to be a non-smoker and feel great for it. I have managed to sustain in times where I would be sure to smoke. I don't ever get any urges either. Thanks very much indeed.


Meditation group

Jacqueline always facilitates excellent meditations.

A deep sense of calm is created in which one can completely relax.

Thoroughly recommended.


Dealing with Loss

I went to Jacqueline some years ago during a time of deep depression and found her technique in Hypnosis as well as Meditation very helpful.  She is an empathetic person who takes pleasure in helping others.  I can thoroughly recommend her. 


Supporting change

Having dipped in and out of therapy for many years I found I needed a ‘top-up’.  I researched hypnosis in particular and found Jacqueline.  I have had several sessions now both with hypnosis and incorporating cognitive behavioural hypnosis.  I am delighted to say with Jacqueline’s support and encouragement I have had several light bulb moments.  Her sessions are warm and welcoming and I would not hesitate to recommend her; I am so glad I asked for help.....


Stop Smoking

Hi Jacqueline, it's been near 6 weeks now and I still have not smoked and had no cravings. Thanks again.

Ricky(in a text)

Building self-confidence

During the therapy I felt amazingly relaxed and when it finished I was on cloud-nine for hours.

Thank you so much.


Meditation Group

The visualisations helped me to really tune in to my inner being. I felt linked in with Jacqueline on an unconscious level. I recommend this session to anyone.

I have also had hypnotherapy with Jacqueline and this really helped build confidence and adjust to changes in my life.


Overcoming a phobia of needles

Recently, I helped a young woman called Eleanor to overcome her fear of needles. This fear meant that even routine immunisations were impossible. Trying to get injections done was traumatic for all involved. Eleanor and her mum were both at their wits end, including any medical staff that had come into contact with them.

My approach was to teach Eleanor self- hypnosis then, when she felt completely calm, she visualised every part of the procedure. By rehearsing every stage of the event, in a relaxed way, Eleanor was able to reframe the experience.

When she returned to hospital, she took control of the situation by asking medical staff to allow her time to breathe and focus on calming thoughts and positive images.

Eleanor has since had all her injections. For once, she felt calm and comfortable in the medical setting.

Thank you Eleanor for granting permission to print your story

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